Best Ear Protection for Motorcyclist

How Can Motorcycling Affect Your Ears and Hearing

While motorcycling there are bad noises such as wind, exhaust and engine noises and good noises that you need to listen out for such as sirens, GPS and other road users.

When cycling at higher speed, noise exposure can exceed 90dB 

Noise Induced Hearing Loss

noise induced hearing loss


Constant exposure to the loudness level of motorcycling causes damage to the inner ear hair cells especially those responsible for high frequency hearing. Noise induced hearing loss is permanent and measures should be made to reduce the occurance of it. It is also noted that with noise induced hearing loss can result in tinnitus (see . 

Tips for motorcyclists To Protect Your Hearing and Ears

  • Look at getting custom made ear plugs- it is worth mentioning to an audiologist the specific use for motorcycling. 
  • If using universal fit ear plugs, make sure to correctly insert them, to avoid pain caused with the added use of the helmet over the top
  • Look into getting a helmet which specifications applaudes its ability to reduce wind noise
  • Have your hearing tested to to keep an eye on your hearing

Best Ear Plugs for a Motorcyclist

For a motorcyclist what you wear is important for your safety as you travel. That is why it is no different when it comes to your ears. We have mentioned above about noise induced hearing loss and as well as a well designed helmets are some properly designed ear plugs.


Alpine Motosafe Ear Plugs


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The Alpine MotoSafe Pro Ear Plugs are soft as they come for motorcycle ear plugs. They are made from a specialist Alpine Thermoshape material and have soft filters, so not silicone. The ear plugs are silicone free which works well for motorcycling preventing sweat and irriation of many hours use under a helmet. The material also warms up using the warmth of your ear and moulds to the shape of your ear providing a comfortable secure fit. 

It comes as a set of two pairs, the red ones are for average use and the black are for heavy use both still allow you to still hear traffic and communication systems. These ear plugs are ideal for motorcycle tours, motorway driving or motorcycle holidays.

Pinklock Motorcycle Ear Plugs

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The Pinlock Motorcycle Ear Plugs have been designed specifically for motorcycling. Pinlock are a leading manufacturer of safety products and these ear plugs have been engineered by motorcycle riders.

Inside the box you will find two sizes a small and large for both ears and 1 set of red coloured filters. These filters are advanced integrated precision filter focuses on reducing wind noise, ANSI and CE certified at 24dB. Allows normal conversation and important traffic sounds to pass through. You do need to be careful to push these filters in enough and correctly as they can fall out and you only have one set. These ear plugs are made from a medical grade silicone free TPE material.

Auritech Biker Ear Plugs

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Auritec Biker ear plugs are made from a silicone free, hypoallergenic thermoplastic outer construction that is a universal fit for all ears. Made by a company with over 20 years experience of designing hearing protection and a unique designed ear piece makes this a quality product. 

They used patented ceramic sound filters for maximum protection, the filter is also placed further into the ear plug and therefore sits deeper into the ear canal than other models. This ensures optimum attenuation. The patented ceramic filter is frequency selective and allows you to still hear normal conversation and important background noise while reduce harmful loud sounds. These ear plugs have been reviewed and tested by many shooting magazines. The mean measured sound level attenuation is 29.5dB.

What you will want to do is once comfortably and securely in place is leave them be this after your shooting session is over. By fiddling with them to much taking them in and out of your ear may cause your ear to get sore. These ear plugs are reusable and only require a wash in warm soapy water and dried out to then make them safe to use again. They are EN352-2:2002 certified and come in a small key ring size hard carry case.

Quick Tips

If you experience tinnitus the first person to talk to is your GP.