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Hearables are here, they come in many forms and sizes and do many tasks. As well as mimicking hearing aids with sound amplification, they are doing many other tasks as well, connecting to other devices and getting smarter by the week. Search for the latest hearables, compare hearables and other smart ear technology right here to find what you are after.


What is a hearable?


A hearable is a small computerised device that sits in or on the ear. The word 'hearable' comes from the words wearable and head phone. A hearable will weigh only a few grams but can contains many impressive features. Now if you think your average PC weighs around 12kg and that several years ago to do translations, make calculations, chat online and listen to films involved sitting at your computer or watching your television in your home. It really does put into perspective how technology has changed when you can pop a small tiny device into your ear. That being said your smart phone still needs to be in close proximity for your hearable to function.


With audio based input and output being a large part of today's world. It makes a computerised device that sits just at the ear a remarkable piece of kit in a busy world.

The appearance of a hearable looks like a sleek blue tooth headset crossed with the complexities of an in the ear hearing aid. There are no small batteries involved. Hearables are made to be rechargeable. Generally what you will find is that they will be recharged in the case you carry them in. Some hearables are even going down the road of helping with hearing loss. This is an interesting topic and we are looking forward to seeing how this progresses in the future as some hearing aids and hearable technologies combine.


The reason the demand for hearables is on the increase is that we rely heavily on computers for what we need to do in a day. We require things to happen quickly and prefer things to be accessible now.Many hearables work via connecting to your phone using an app. Some hearables only work on certain phone platforms such as iOS or android. An app means that you have a more helpful user interface to manage the small device in your ear from adjusting the volume to changing and programming the data and music you hear.


There are hearables out there solely that provide excellent audio streaming quality from your phone or tablet. Other hearables are centred around fitness levels, being able to calculate how many steps or activites you need to take while motivating you in the process. One of our favourite uses of hearables is language translation. The ability to aid live translation of conversation in process is something of magic. More and more ideas for hearable uses are coming about along with the production of hearables from powerful brands such as Google, Apple, Samsung and Bose, who knows what the future holds.

Quick Tips

Your hearing aid will need regular servicing generally every 6 months by your hearing care professional.