Ear Protection for Children Putting Objects In Their Ears

How a child putting objects in their ears can affect their ear health?

Children especially toddlers have a fascination for putting small objects into their ears is pretty common, objects such as beads, small stones, folded paper, toys,cotton buds, insects or seeds. 

1. Ear drum Rupture

A quick slip of a item such as a pencil into the ear or even pusing it a little to far or to hard could push the towards your ear drum causing a painful rupture to the ear drum. 

ear drum perforation


2. Outer Ear Infection (Swimmers Ear, or Otitis Externa)

A foreign object left in the ear epsecially if the lining of the ear canal has been iritated by the object could start an ear infection. 

outer ear infection

If an objects gets lodged in your childs ear, do not try to remove this yourself or look for solutions on the internet as this may move the object further into the ear. What you need to do is seek medical help by a doctor. 


Prevenetion Tips for parents

  • Teach your child the dangers of putting things in their ears, talk about the unpleasant expereience of getting the object back out again.
  • Gently and firmly saying "no" and taking th object in question when they try to put in their ear
  • Sort through their toys putting aside the ones with small parts
  • If your child is a repeated offender, try using ear coverings such a headband passed off as a pretty or funky hair accessory. 
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Quick Tips

Two hearing aids? Left has blue marker and right has red marker, remember red for right.