Best Ear Drops To Clean Your Ears of Wax Correctly

Why Is Trying To Clean The Inside of Your Ears Not Good For You

Foreign objects such as, beads, stones, folded paper, toys, cotton buds, insects and seeds are all items that have been found in a persons ear at some point. This includes the normal and expected clumps and build up of wax and impacted wax.

In comparision to children, the common reason adults put objects into their ears is to try and clean their ears of wax and impacted wax. Putting anything hard or solid in your ear is an incorrect way of cleaning it out.

Each year nearly 7,000 people are admitted to hospitals through the use of cotton buds in their ears. Using cotton buds has a number of potential problems. 

Ear drum Rupture

By using a cotton bud into your ear, a quick slip or even pushing it a little too far or too hard could push the cotton bud towards your ear drum causing a painful rupture to your ear drum. A cotton ear bud will never fully remove soft ear wax and is more likely to push it further in. If you have hard, impacted wax then you will find it impossible to remove with an instrument such as an ear bud.

ear drum perforation


Swimmers Ear (Outer Ear infection, or Otitis Externa)

A foreign object such as a cotton bud, left in the ear especially if the lining of the ear canal has been irritated by the object could start an ear infection. If a cotton bud has also been regularly used in the ear this will have taken away the natural oily lining of the ear canal which helps maitain it. This is similar to wind rash when out walking or hiking in the cold, the cold wind will wick away the oily moisture on your skin and you will be left with a rash, the same could happen for your ear canal, or worse.

outer ear infection


Keeping your ears healthy and correct methods to use

  • Your ear has its own intelligent way of cleaning itself by producing ear wax, train your brain to think positively about ear wax!
  • If you suffer with regular build up of wax, use a natural oil such as olive oil regularly, this will help to reduce the occurance of a hard build up of wax
  • If you use a hearing aid, your build up of wax can increase due to the hearing aid now blocking your ear. Use a drop of oil into your ear (one ear/one night at a time) before going to bed when you will not be using the aid for a few hours so not to get olive oil in your hearing aid and to give time to the oil to break down some of the wax.
  • If you are putting something in your ear due to an itch, this may be either due to your ear being dry in which olive oil would help.

When it comes to wax removal the whole process can be very frustrating! Firstly you may not have realised you had wax until you went to an audiologist and they said unfortunately they cannot do a hearing test because you have to much wax and in hinesite if you had read the appointment letter it would have said this but the stresses of daily life sometimes allow you to forget reading the fine print. You may otherwise be someone has had no problem with their ears before and is suddenly finding they are feeling very blocked and bunged up. The bottom line is do not be tempted to put something in your ear that looks to be pointy enough to hook wax out, as above will explain you are only putting your ear canal under further stress and not knowing where you are poking that thing has the potential to cause damange. What is OK to put in your ears are medically advised and natural products that will help reduce and remove wax. These products will not make wax disappear instantly but will help it on its way.

If you have a perforated ear drum, had your ears syringed in the last few days, or have any problems with your ears at all it is generally advised not to use. Only use ear drops if you have been advised it is suitable to do so by your doctor or audiologist.

Best Ear Drops for Ear Wax Removal

Earol Ear Spray

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Earol Olive Oil Ear drops is a small 10ml bottle of oilve oil which comes with the ability to spray into your ear canal to soften the wax. You simply need to place the acuator into the opening of your ear canal, tilt your head to one side and depress the actuator. The use of a spray over drops means it can be less messy to use. It also means less effort and liquid is required to go into your ear as you just need to depress the actuator once each time you use it. Due to this being a completely natural ingredient and just olive oil it is suitable for ears of all ages over the age of one.

Using this natural product can also be handy to prevent your ears from becoming dry and reducing the need for syringing if used once a week. It's only downfall is its outcome of treatment is very gentle and will take time. Using such a product will not damage your ears and its gentle way of softening the wax is particularly good for sensitive ears and overall a much safer method. The aim of this type of product is to soften to wax down so that it becomes easier and safer for it to be succesfully removed at your GP surgery or hospital without causing you any discomfort.

Care Sodium Bicarbonate Ear Drops

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The Care Sodium Bicarbonate Ear Drops uses Sodium Bicarbonate rather than olive oil to soften the wax. It comes in a small 10ml bottle and has a pipette at the top of the bottle for you to squeeze to collect the drops up and drop into the ear canal. It recommends dropping 3-4 drops into your ear canal and allow the solution to remain in your ear for 5-10 minutes.  Aswell as sodium bicarbonate there is also the active ingredients of Glycerol (E422), Purified Water and Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol (Preservative). These ear drops can be used in the ears of anyone over the age of five. It is important to be careful with this product as there are other chemicals involved to only use for the recommended number of drops each time. Sodium Bicarbonate ear drops can on rare occasion cause dryness within your ear canal and if your ears do become irritated it is a good idea to consult your GP. Personally I feel the box is deceiving as bought thinking it was soley sodium bicarbonate and therefore a natural product when in fact it is not.


Earex advanced ear drops

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Earex Advance Ear Drops are designed to soften and remove hard ear wax. It comes in a small 15ml bottle. To use you will need to tilt your head and squeeze 3-6 drops into your ear, keep them in your ear for a few minutes (not exceeding 10 minutes) then gently rinse your ear with lukewarm water. Use 1-2 times a day or once a week to prevent the build up of wax. This product useschemicals rather than natural ingredients therefore it is important to only use for the time specified on the bottle, these chemicals are Glycerol BP and Urea Hydrogen Peroxide 5%. It isn't going to make your ear wax disappear over night and will require you to commit to using for it to start dislodging hard wax out of your ears.

The Earex Advance Drops cannot be used after 30 days of opening and after the expiry date given on the bottle. Make sure to store the bottle above 25 degrees and do not use if the seal has already been broken before use.


otex ear drops

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Otex Express Eardrops are a well known brand for ear wax removal, you see adverts come on the TV and even in the occasional magazine. Otex tends to be the quickest of wax removers as it not only softens but tackles breaking down the wax straight away. This has its pros and cons. Firstly it can be very convienient when time is off the issue in regards appointments and having an important meeting or interview coming up but your ear is all blocked up. What is important to think about is that this is by no means a natural product you are using and your ear is a sensitive part of your body especially towards your ear drum. Therefore only use the recommended amount and only use if you do not suffer with any psoriosis, skin conditions, dryness or if you are someone who reguarly builds up with ear wax use a product that is more gentle on your ears. The chemicals used in the Otex Express Eardrops are urea hydrogen peroxide, 8-hydroxyquinoline and glycerol. To use you will need to tilt your head and squeeze the bottle to drop up to 5 ear drops into your ear canal, leave for a few minutes and then wipe the surplus with a tissue. Do not use more than 4 weeks after opening. I have used Otex and found it can work perfectly fine but on other instances maybe I have accidently applied to much that it has made my ear a little sore and dry.

Naveh Clean Ears Spray

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The Naveh Clean Ears is a 15ml bottle with spray top to allow excellent distribution of the drops around the ear canal. When this spray is used it integrates with the wax, detaches it from the ear canal and penetrates into the wax particles to soften, disperse and turn it into a more liquid form of ear wax. Naveh Clean Ears uses three ingredients, natural Squalam extract from olive oil, mineral oil and spearmint oil. The squalam has a similar composition, structure and character as ear wax making it easy to slam into and intergrate with the wax to help soften it. The use of mineral oil is to help irrigate and flush to liquid wax towards the entrance to your ear canal. The added addition of spearmint oil warms the ear and catalyzes the physical proccesses while providing a more pleasant odor to the solution and your ear. I have to say it does feel less greasy that using just olive oil. This is a gentle yet effective ear wax removal method, it is again not the quickest in comparison to Otex but it is safer, a well designed product and can be used regularly to prevent wax build up in the future.

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