Tinnitus Relief Apps

An App is an application that can be downloaded to a smart phone or tablet. Some require internet access some don't. Many apps are games however there are equally as many apps out there designed to provide you with a helpful function. Apps designed to help relieve tinnitus can do a number of tasks. 

Sound and noise generators are a popular feature to tinnitus relief apps. These types of apps play soothing music, natural or man made sound or even white noise. With such apps you will be able to adjust the volume to be able to mask your tinnitus.

Other apps provide relaxtion techniques and tinnitus management plans. Some of the best tinnitus relief apps out there are ones that have been designed and developed by hearing aid manufacturers. Such research and improvements in hearing aids have also meant improvements to hearing aids with tinnitus relief capabilities and therefore linked tinnitus relief apps.

Below you will see a list of tinnitus relief apps available:

Quick Tips

Each hearing aid always comes with a user guide, if you have lost your user guide check out our user guide section to download it.