Hearing & Ear Protection From Noise Exposure

In recent years better health and safety in the work place has meant that if you work in an enviroment exceeding 85dB for a period of time, certain precautions need to be taken and the use of ear protection is mandatory. That being said noisey enviroments are not just found in the work place and outside of the working enviroment exist no guidelines to be met or mainstream education on what you should do.  That is why this section is specifically aimed at leisure activites within noisy enviroments and why and how you should protect your ears. 

The chart to the left shows the permissible exposure time ( exeptable time allowed) in loud sounds. Do any of your hobbies involve loud sounds? If so how loud are they and how long do you spend in that loudness.

Quick Tips

The simplest type of eardrop is ordinary olive oil