NHS Hearing Aids Catalogue

Here you can find a full list of NHS hearing aids and what they dispense to those with hearing difficulties and need a hearing aid to improve their hearing.

We have the largest database and catalogue of any hearing aid website on the internet and with that, have categorised the many different hearing aid manufacturers and models that the NHS have used in the UK.

The United Kingdom has has a National Health Service for decades and with that you can also get free NHS hearing aids.

The hearing aids below have the current and past NHS hearing aids showing as we also document and save all past hearing aids that have been used as well.

The hearing aids have been sorted by those which have been released more recently and then go in descending order the older each hearing aid gets.

This means that the NHS hearing aids that are lower down the list will more than likely not be used any more by the National Health Service as they are now replaced by newer models that the NHS have chosen for their catalogue.


Quick Tips

If you experience tinnitus the first person to talk to is your GP.