How to Reset Your Hearing Aid

Recently got yourself a hearing aid and have been pressing buttons and switches and unsure if you may have altered the settings unknowingly?

You may have turned it up too loud, or if it's not on the right setting and have adjusted something that has confused you and because of this you may want to just reset it to make sure.

We'll talk you through how to reset your hearing aid just in case you have.

Just like a computer, if you want your hearing aid to go back to the default setting programmed by your hearing specialist first your going to need to turn your hearing aid off.

Depending on whether your hearing aid contains a small hearing aid battery or whether it is rechargeable will mean it will differ in this process. 


How To Reset a Hearing Aid With Removable Battery


If your hearing aid has a removable or replaceable battery inside it that you can physically take in and out, this section will cover you on how to reset it.

To restart your hearing aid if your hearing aid has a battery requires you to locate the battery draw (which houses the battery) and open it. You do not need to open it fully just slightly to disconnect the battery from the hearing aid.

This will turn your hearing aid off completely. Give it about 5 seconds and re-close the battery draw and this will turn your hearing aid back on and will set the hearing aid back to the default settings your hearing aid specialist has set it at. 

Quite a simple process which is helped by the fact you can remove your battery from your hearing aid.


How To Reset Your Rechargeable Hearing Aid

A rechargeable hearing aid has no battery compartment therefore the way you turn the hearing aid on and off is slightly different to above.

You'll need to address your hearing aid instructions to work this out, but we will give you two examples below:



Firstly the Oticon Opn S,

To turn the hearing aid off hold the lower button for 3 seconds, release the button and wait for the LED light to go red, this means the hearing aid is now off.

To restart the hearing aid by turning it on, press the lower button for 2 seconds, release the button and wait for an LED light to go green.

Unless programmed otherwise you'll hear a start up jingle to let you know your hearing aid has turned back on and the hearing aid has fully reset to factory default and how it was pre-set by your hearing aid specialist.

To show you how it can vary slightly more than a hearing aid with a battery, especially between different brands of rechargeable hearing, here is a second example, the Resound One. 

Here is how to restart the ReSound One for resetting a rechargeable hearing aid.

To do this requires you to hold the push button on the back of the hearing aid for five seconds and then you will see an LED light blink as it powers off.

Then leave for about 5 seconds before you power it back on, this involves pressing down the button again for 5 seconds and you'll see the LED light blink as it powers on, once it stops its back on and has restarted the hearing aid with the settings your hearing specialist has programmed your hearing aids with. 


Disclaimer - Always read through your hearing aid instructions manual for the best understanding and advice on using your hearing aid. We provide tips but these are to assist alongside your hearing aid manufacturer's recommendations. 

Quick Tips

To hear with a hearing aid on the phone, hold the telephone near the hearing aid microphone, if you have a behind the ear hearing aid this will be behind your ear.